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And, of course, you do not necessarily have to live in NYC to work in NYC, but in order to get a substantially lower cost of living, you would have to move pretty far from the city.

NYC has the most extreme benefits to it, but it also requires the most extreme concessions in order to get those benefits. It could be a someone who cuts bangs better, a better pickup basketball game, you keep trading up boyfriends, maximizers are always looking for something better, and they usually get greatness in their lives in many aspects. This is because you can find pretty much the best of everything in NYC.You need a partner like Adam to help you conquer the world.Free-spirited and not afraid of a good challenge, you are the life of the party and always looking for a good time. You have high expectations for the people in your life and Big Dick Richie is ready to deliver!You're a strong, independent person looking for somebody who knows what they want and isn't afraid to open up. Sometimes you feel left out, but once given the chance you shine, you never fail to impress. You're perfectly content with who you are, because you are awesome.You can be a little shy to voice your demands, but once you learn to really trust somebody, you're a loyal and committed partner.

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You need a sensitive, romantic guy who won't totally smother you but will still buy you flowers once and a while.

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