Vancouver speed dating events amateur dating match

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Vancouver speed dating events

Can anyone sign up for the online speed dating Meet N Greet events? The Meet N Greet events are open to the public although VSSEAC members receive priority scheduling. We do not post members photos on-site (unless we have express permission to do so). VSSEAC memberships always start on the 1st of the following month (eg.

Where can I find out more about Meet N Greet events? Maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of members is our commitment.

Highlighting some of the sessions planned for the evening, Rae said a representative from Nanaimo-based licensed medical cannabis producer Tilray will discuss the latest in cannabis research and explain what happens when the compounds in cannabis interact with cells in the human body.

A representative from Aurora Cannabis, another licensed producer that happens to be headquartered in Vancouver, will host an interactive session on strains and terpenes, the chemical compounds in cannabis responsible for its unique aroma.

These days, Flower & Freedom founder Bethany Rae champions cannabis education and uses the herb as a way to enhance her healthy lifestyle—but her view of the plant wasn’t always so positive.

Though the entrepreneur and lifestyle brand owner says she spent most of her 20s feeling “a bit guilty” for consuming cannabis in her youth, she’s chosen to fully embrace its medicinal and therapeutic characteristics, opting to use it in place of over-the-counter painkillers and other treatments for pain, muscle recovery, and more.“I personally became really passionate about seeing consumer education in our society when I rediscovered cannabis as an adult,” the self-taught specialist told the ’s cannabis section.)Her latest undertaking, the Elevate Experience, is an interactive event that will bring experts and entrepreneurs to Vancouver for an evening of herb-centred enlightenment.

“It’s designed to be a friendly, safe environment for you to invite your coworker, your mother, your sister, or someone who wouldn’t see themselves going to a cannabis event or a dispensary.”Rae will host while drawing on the knowledge of 10 locally based cannabis companies to discuss topics like microdosing, strain selection, vaporizing, skin care, edibles, and more.“We’ve broken the evening up into 10 different topics, so throughout the evening, guests can move between each space.

It will be a bit like speed dating, but for cannabis,” she said.

On the back of this sheet, we were encouraged to write notes on the people we were “dating,” like their names, their features and even any annoying habits we might have noticed right off the bat…Christine and I were two of 25 women who would be mingling with 25 men.One woman and one man would sit at a table for three minute “dates,” before moving to the next one.Christine and I took seats close together, as we came up with a goofy signal for whether we liked or disliked the guys we would soon meet.The first man who sat in front of me was actually quite funny.

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With the exception of topical treatments, which are not thought to cause euphoria, the Elevate Experience will be a consumption-free event.